**Notice for all students in China**

We have just made plans with ASDAN to hold JHMT online for students in China in May. If you are located in China, please register for that tournament instead as it will be held in a much more convenient time zome.

JHMT 2021


The Johns Hopkins Math Tournament (JHMT) is an annual math competition open to any pre-collegiate student. This year, the tournament will be completely online, and will be held on Saturday April 3rd with an asynchronous team round starting on Friday April 2nd (the middle school and high school rounds will both happen on these two days). We understand that collaborating on a team round online can be difficult, so this year we will be releasing the team round a day before the tournament. Students may work on this round with their team whenever they have time before a designated due time on Saturday. Then during the afternoon on Saturday, we will hold two synchronous online individual rounds. Note that both the team round and the individiual rounds will look similar to previous years' rounds, the only difference is that the team round will have the new aforementioned time constraints. The registration link is below (same link for middle school and high school):


Due to the online nature of this year's contest, we will also require that all students/teams register with a coach, parent, or teacher who is able to proctor the students during the individual round. It is okay for a single coach to register multiple teams, as long as they are still able to fulfill proctoring duties. Also note that proctoring doesn't need to be done in-person, (online proctoring with cameras on is still okay).

Lastly, if anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at mathclub@math.jhu.edu.

Middle School JHMT 2020 Exams and Solutions


JHMT 2019 Exams, Solutions, and Results


Results (Middle School JHMT 2020)

2020: The 20th annual Johns Hopkins Math Tournament

The winners by division for Middle School JHMT 2020 are:

Proof Round

  1. Burleigh Manor (Burleigh Manor Middle School)
  2. Big Brain (Takoma Park Middle School)
  3. Team Yee (Takoma Park Middle School)
  4. Hoover Chargers (Herbert Hoover Middle School)
  5. Magnificent (Takoma Park Middle School)

Team Round

  1. Frosties (Robert Frost Middle School)
  2. Burleigh Manor (Burleigh Manor Middle School)
  3. Big Brain (Takoma Park Middle School)
  4. The Mathemagicians (Multiple Schools)
  5. Team Yee (Takoma Park Middle School)

Individual Round

  1. Kelin Zhu (Robert Frost Middle School)
  2. Daniel He (Takoma Park Middle School)
  3. River Qiu (Takoma Park Middle School)
  4. Jerry Song (Takoma Park Middle School)
  5. Nathan Zhong (Multiple Schools)

Results (High School JHMT 2020)

2020: The 20th annual Johns Hopkins Math Tournament

The winners by division for JHMT 2020 are:

Team (Proof Round)

  1. Princeton International School
  2. Montgomery Blair High School
  3. Poolesville High School
  4. Sierra Canyon School
  5. Centennial High School

Algebra and Number Theory

  1. Timothy Qian (Montgomery Blair High School)
  2. Yichen Xiao (Princeton International School)
  3. Daniel Yuan (Montgomery Blair High School)
  4. Kevin Chen (Princeton International School)
  5. Jingdong Xiang (Princeton International School)


  1. Timothy Qian (Montgomery Blair High School)
  2. Daniel Cao (Princeton International School)
  3. Clarence Lam (Montgomery Blair High School)
  4. Oliver Gao (Princeton International School)
  5. Christopher Qiu (Raritan Valley Math Group)


  1. Yichen Xiao (Princeton International High School)
  2. Junhee Lee (Georgetown Prepartory School)
  3. Branden Yates (Team 14)
  4. Phillip Miao (Sierra Canyon School)
  5. Chenming Fan (Oakton High School)

Probability and Combinatorics

  1. Timothy Wang (Princeton International School)
  2. Daniel Yuan (Montgomery Blair High School)
  3. Daniel Cao (Princeton International School)
  4. Andrew Yuan (Poolesville High School)
  5. David Choi (Team 15)

General Test

  1. Eric Lin (Raritan Valley Math Group)
  2. Zhixin Wang (Princeton International School)
  3. Iris Xu (Preston Academy)
  4. Dennis Malikov (Severna Park High)
  5. Linda Geng (Princeton International School)