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Opportunities and beyond for mathematics students


REU programs are one of the best ways for undergraduate math students to prepare for work in mathematics and for exploration of the possible fields. These programs are held in the summer at various universities around the country. They are funded by the National Science Foundation. You are housed and fed, and paid while you work on a research problem and potentially attend seminars.
For a complete REU list visit the NSF website. Applications typically require 2 letters, transcript and maybe an essay and are usually due in February or March.

Putnam Exam

An annual exam for undergraduates held the first Saturday of every December. Considered the most prestigious university mathematics competition in the world, Hopkins competes annually.


Looking for career advice, research opportunities, or to stay up to date with current breakthroughs in mathematics? There are many more opportunities available at the American Mathematical Society website.

Directed Reading

Each semester, students have the opportunity to work with a graduate student mentor in a directed reading program. In this semester-long program, students opt to study a math-related topic at an individual pace and then present a summary of their studies at the end of the semester.


In the past, Ex Numera has hosted a local math competition designed to challenge and excite local high school students. This competition, designed to mimic the AMC series and ARML, has been student led for the past two decades.

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