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  Relative Langlands duality.
(With David Ben-Zvi and Akshay Venkatesh.) 
Preliminary version. Comments welcome!  
  Transfer operators and Hankel transforms: Horospherical limits and quantization.  Preliminary version. Submitted to a volume in honor of T.Kobayashi.  
2310.02438  Local and global questions "beyond endoscopy."  Submitted to the Proceedings of the 2022 IHES summer school on the Langlands program.  
2111.03004  Spherical varieties, functoriality, and quantization.  Proceedings of the 2022 ICM: 2998–3037. 
(ArXiv version is slightly expanded.)
2009.03943  Intersection complexes and unramified L-factors.
(With Jonathan Wang.) 
J. Amer. Math. Soc., 35(3):799–910, 2022. 
1808.09358  Functorial transfer between relative trace formulas in rank one  Duke Math. J., 170(2):279–364, 2021.
1805.04640  Transfer operators and Hankel transforms between relative trace formulas, II: Rankin--Selberg theory  Adv. Math., 394:Paper No. 108039, 104pp, 2022. 
1804.02383  Transfer operators and Hankel transforms between relative trace formulas, I: character theory  Adv. Math., 394:Paper No. 108010, 75pp, 2022. 
1802.01397  Appendix to: Generic representations for symmetric spaces, by Dipendra Prasad  Adv. Math., 348:378–411, 2019. 
1801.03881  Relative functoriality and functional equations via trace formulas  Acta Mathematica Vietnamica, 44(2):351–389, 2019. 
1710.01866  The Selberg trace formula revisited  Preprint, 80pp.  
1610.06202  Plancherel decomposition of Howe duality and Euler factorization of automorphic functionals  “Representation Theory, Number Theory, and Invariant Theory: In Honor of Roger Howe on the Occasion of His 70th Birthday”, 545–585. Springer International Publishing, Cham, 2017.
(In the printed book, the numbering of equations has been deranged by Springer.)  
1505.02169  The Schwartz space of a smooth semi-algebraic stack  Selecta Mathematica (N.S.), 22(4): 2401–2490, 2016.
Erratum: Selecta Mathematica (N.S.), 24(5):4961–4965, 2018.
1412.6174  On the formal arc space of a reductive monoid.
(With Alexis Bouthier and Bảo Châu Ngô.) 
Amer. J. Math., 138(1):81–108, 2016.
Erratum: Amer. J. Math., 139(1):293–295, 2017.  
1410.2312  Inverse Satake transforms  Geometric Aspects of the Trace Formula, pages 321–349, Cham, 2018. Springer International Publishing. 
1410.2279  Paley-Wiener theorems for a p-adic spherical variety.
(With Patrick Delorme and Pascale Harinck.)  
Mem. Amer. Math. Soc., 269(1312):v+102, 2021.<.a>
1402.3524  Beyond Endoscopy for the relative trace formula II: global theory.  J. Inst. Math. Jussieu, 18(2):347–447, 2019. 
1207.5761  Beyond endoscopy for the relative trace formula I: local theory.  Automorphic Representations and L-functions, pp. 521–590. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India, 2013. 
1203.0039  Periods and harmonic analysis on spherical varieties.
(With Akshay Venkatesh.) 
Astérisque, (396):360, 2017.  
0905.4245  Spherical varieties and integral representations of L-functions  Algebra & Number Theory, Vol. 6 (2012), No. 4, 611–667.
(Important formula missing after example 4.5.1 in journal has been added to the arXiv version.) 
0905.4244  Spherical functions on spherical varieties.  Amer. J. Math., 135(5):1291–1381, 2013. 
math/0606130  On the unramified spectrum of spherical varieties over p-adic fields.  Compositio Mathematica 144 (2008), no. 4, 978–1016. 
math/0606129  A Casselman-Shalika formula for the Shalika model of GL_n.  Canad. J. Math. 58 (2006), no. 5, 1095–1120.