Ex Numera Events

Exciting events will be posted here throughout the semester - stay tuned!

(Tentative) Schedule: Fall 2023

  • September 11th | Talk: Professor Riehl

  • September 18th | Social Event: Meet n' Greet

  • September 25th | Talk: Professor Iyengar

  • October 2nd | Social Event: Math Trivia

  • October 9th | Talk: Professor Pennington

  • October 16th | Social Event: Graduate Student Mixer

  • October 23rd | Talk: Professor Sakellaridis

  • October 30th | Social Event: Scavenger Hunt

  • November 6th | Talk: Daniel Pezzi

Executive Board

Ex Numera 2023-2024

President: Yoyo Jiang
Vice President: Fabian Espinoza de Osambela
Treasurer: Yash Lal
Secretary: Ben Elhadad
Outreach Officers: Liam Baca and Tian Zhou
Activity Officer: Orisis Zeng

Our faculty advisor is Richard Brown.