Hans Lindblad

curriculum vitae



712 Topics in Mathematical Physics: Energy estimates for the wave equation on curved background.
637 Functional Analysis.
741 Topics in Partial Differential Equations: Linear Stability of Black Holes.
201 Linear Algebra.
712 Topics in Mathematical Physics: Scattering for Nonlinear Klein Gordon.
211 Honors Multivariable Calculus.
633 Harmonic Analysis: Fourier Analysis
742 Topics in Partial Differential Equations: The Analysis of Black Holes
712 Topics in Mathematical Physics: Fluid Mechanics
439 Introduction To Differential Geometry
712 Topics in Mathematical Physics: Existence for Einstein's equations.
302 Differential Equations.
631 Partial differential equations I: Linear Equations mostly Elliptic.
632 Partial differential equations II: Variable coefficient and nonlinear Equations mostly hyperbolic.


My research concerns basic mathematical questions about nonlinear wave equations arising in Physics. I am interested in existence, stability and behavior of solutions to hyperbolic differential equations. Many important equations in physics can be written as systems of nonlinear wave equations, e.g. equations of continuum mechanics and Euler's equations, describing the motion of elastic bodies and fluids, Einstein's equations of general relativity, that relate the geometry of space-time to the motion of matter, Yang-Mills' equations that generalize Maxwell's equations of electromagnetism. Specifically I work on References to my published work can be found at MathSciNet and my preprints can be downloaded at arXiv. Slides for some talks can be download here: Free boundary problems for fluids   Global existence for Einstein's equations in wave coordinates.   Counterexamples to local existence with rough data.