JHMT 2018

Information About The Tournament:

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Results from JHMT 2018 are here:
Results 2018 (Note: please zoom out on the page)

Thank you to everyone for participating!

Problems and Solutions

Algebra Problems
Calculus Problems
Combinatorics Problems
General Test
Geometry Problems
Team Round 1
Team Round 2
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2018: The 18th annual Johns Hopkins Math Tournament

The winners by division for JHMT 2018 are:


  1. Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology quick maths
    • Kyle Gatesman
    • Adam Ardeishar
    • Will Sun
    • Bryan Lu
  2. Montgomery Blair High School Podunk Hopscotch Mafia
    • Haydn Gwyn
    • David Fang
    • Jeremy Zhou
    • Kevin Zhou


  1. Dilhan Salgado (Montgomery Blair Dilhan Salgado)
  2. Adam Ardeishar (Thomas Jefferson quick maths)


  1. Justin Hsieh (Chesapeake Math 2)
  2. Jonathan Fei (Chesapeake Math 1)


  1. Kyle Gatesman (Thomas Jefferson quick maths)
  2. Haydn Gwyn (Montgomery Blair Podunk Hopscotch Mafia)

Probability and Combinatorics

  1. Dilhan Salgado (Montgomery Blair Dilhan Salgado)
  2. Ian Shors (Towson A)

General Test

  1. Daniel Park (Thomas Jefferson Amethyst)
  2. Timothy Qian (Chesapeake Math 2)