Noetherian Ring at The Johns Hopkins University


The Noetherian Ring is a gathering of women graduate students and faculty in the Math Department at The Johns Hopkins University.  We're named in honor of the great algebraist Emmy Amalie Noether and are modeled on a group first founded at UC Berkeley

We meet weekly for mathematical talks by women, discussions on career issues, and to celebrate our members' successes.  (Congratulations, Dr. Jung-Jo!) 

If you're interested on being on our e-mailing list, please contact


Useful Links:

        Women in Mathematics at UMd-College Park

        Association for Women in Mathematics


        Young Mathematicians Network

          Preprint Server

Fellowships for Women graduate students:

        American Association of University Women

                    1.  for American students

                    2.  for International students

        Office of Naval Research/Department of Energy

Fellowships for Graduating Women Mathematicans:

        Clay Mathematics Institute Liftoff Award

        National Science Foundation Postdoc

        Fulbright Scholarships

        AWM Workshop Grants (for the Joint Meetings)

Fellowships for young Women Faculty:

        AWM Grants

        NSF Career Grants

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