Ex Numera Blog

As of the Fall 2018 semester, Ex Numera has a blog! Blog entries can be submitted by any undergraduate or graduate student at JHU. Generally speaking, the idea of the blog is similar to that of the Undergraduate Seminar, but blog posts can be a bit more casual and can include a wider range of topics (as long as it has something to do with math, it's probably fine). Some ideas for possible blog topics include:

  1. Your thoughts on how math is taught in high School
  2. Explaining the Divergence Theorem and why you think it's cool
  3. Your advice as to how new Freshmen should transition from high school mathematics to college level math.
  4. Whether you perfer analysis to algebra, and why
  5. Exploring how Group Theory is used in Cryptography
  6. Anything you want that's remotely math related!
Our blog can be here at WordPress. If you're interested in writing a blog yourself, simply email your entry to math club at mathclub@math.jhu.edu! We'll publish it after proofreading your submission.

While we will try to prevent inaccurate or inappropriate material from being published, please note that any opinions represented in the blog entries are not necessarily endorsed by Ex Numera.

Executive Board

Ex Numera 2018-2019

President: Elvin Meng
Vice-President & Seminar Chair: Tara Abrishami
Vice President & Treasurer: Annika Seiden
Activities Chair & Webmaster: Eric Cochran
Outreach Chair: Eliza Cohn
JHMT Chair: Randy Kuang

Our faculty advisor is Richard Brown.