Fig. 1 - Selfie, taken in Westeros.

Apurv Nakade

I am a fourth year graduate student at JHU. I am broadly interested in algebraic topology.

I take a lot of notes (not all entirely accurate), here are a few LaTeXed and handwritten notes from my classes and conferences.

Following is the information needed to harass me,

TAing for : Math 109, Calculus II
Helproom : Tue, 1-3pm
Office Room : Wed, 3-4pm
Office : Krieger 200
(sad excuse of an)
Email : anakade1 at math ddot jhu dott edu
(I am not really sure why I need to write my email address like this.)
CV: cccccEEEEEVVVVVeeeee

During intersession 2017 I taught a short course titled Hitchhiker's Guide to Algebraic Topology. I discovered lots of cool internet resources for elementary algrebraic topology which I've put up on the course website.

Some photos by me. I'm also into ballroom and argentine tango.