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I'm Jon Beardsley, a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University studying under Jack Morava.


  • My email address is jonsbeardsley (at-sign)
  • My office is Krieger 202 on JHU's Homewood Campus.
  • My current office hour is Thursday 4pm-5pm.
  • I'm in the Math Help Room, Krieger 213, on Thursdays from 5pm to 7pm.


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    Research Interests

    My research interests are algebraic topology, category theory, algebraic geometry and stable homotopy theory. Things that I'm more specifically interested in or excited by include but are not limited to: chromatic homotopy theory; deformation theory; derived algebraic geometry; triangulated categories and Bousfield lattices; axiomatic stable homotopy theory; descent and homotopical descent. I'm especially interested right now in Galois and Hopf-Galois extensions of ring spectra, and the associated theories of descent.


  • Intermediate Thom Spectra, Hopf-Galois Extensions and a New Construction of MU: A note describing a new method for producing Hopf-Galois extensions of Thom spectra, as well as many applications to the structures of various cobordism spectra.
  • Some Higher Coalgebra An article describing a framework for coalgebras and Hopf-algebras in ∞-categories.
  • Notes on Lubin-Tate Cohomology: Some notes about the cohomology of a complex that comes up in deformations of formal groups as well as extensions of n-buds.
  • THH of X(n): A computation of the Topopological Hochschild Homology of Ravenel's X(n) spectra.
  • The Harmonic Bousfield Lattice: A computation of the Bousfield lattice of the category of p-local harmonic spectr. The main theorem and proof were used by Luke Wolcott here.
  • A Sheaf of Boehmians My undergraduate thesis work, joint with Piotr Mikusinski. Published in Vol. 107 of Ann. Pol. Mathematici.
  • Laysplanations: Borrowing a term from Piper Harron, some of my non-technical writing on mathematics is available here.
  • I've written a few articles for Eric Peterson's math blog Chromotopy which you can find here.

  • Talk Slides

  • Twisted Forms in Homotopy Theory.
  • Bialgebras in Spectra .


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